LHS Club Dollars for Scholars is a locally operated and supported, non-profit, tax-exempt scholarship foundation. It is operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. The purpose of LHS Club Dollars for Scholars is to expand access to higher education for resident students of the LaMoure School District in the state of North Dakota by promoting the Dollars for Scholars program, developing an operational structure, raising funds for student aid distribution, and distributing awards on a fair and nondiscriminatory basis. The LHS Club Dollars for Scholars is a Program of Scholarship America®. We receive additional support and funding from the Bank of North Dakota.

Rising costs are closing doors to higher education for many individuals in our community. Through Dollars for Scholars, we have the opportunity to make a strong, collective statement about the importance of education beyond high school. We can provide both encouragement and financial support for local students.

Founded in 1988, the LHS Club Dollars for Scholars began awarding scholarships with the graduating class of 1989. To date, we have awarded $253,100 in scholarships to 353 students.

Each year our community is invited to demonstrate our support for local students through a variety of fundraising activities. Funds also come from the generous support of local businesses, service organizations, and individuals.

To find out more about what LHS Club Dollars for Scholars can do for a college-bound student, please click on the Students & Parents tab above.